Overall Disclosure:

New Earth Healing Center LLC including its owners and practitioners are not medical professionals. Any information provided by a person representing New Earth Healing Center LLC is not medical advice nor a diagnosis. Information provided, whole or in part, can be based on theories determined by personal experience, prior and current knowledge, or provided by peers in the industry.

We are in an age of “new science” where we can and should challenge the older science where appropriate while building upon established and peer reviewed research as a foundation for further study. New Earth Healing Center LLC makes no claims of providing information that is backed by research published in peer reviewed literature. However, some of our theories build upon this same literature as it applies to our current era of thinking.

Training Classes:

All training classes provided by New Earth Healing Center LLC in any form falls under the Overall Disclosure statement above. Since New Earth Healing Center LLC practitioners and trainers are not medical professionals. Therefore, customers, students, and readers of information provided in training classes and on this website should be self-verified where appropriate before taking action based on the information. New Earth Healing Center LLC shall be held harmless for any information provided in any training class or on this website.