New Earth Healing Center LLC

Stop Searching and Start Healing

At New Earth Healing Center in Shipshewana, Indiana, we offer a path to improved health that is both innovative and grounded in tradition. Our center is a pioneer in the use of specialized tuning forks, a technique that is transforming the way we address a multitude of health concerns.

By precisely targeting fluid pressure pockets within the body, our therapies promote natural movement and release, leading to pain relief and enhanced mobility. Whether it’s chronic inflammation, musculoskeletal disorders, or more complex health issues, our approach is customized to provide effective, non-invasive treatment options. Step into a world where healing is an experience tailored just for you, and begin your journey to wellness with us today.

Our Philosopy

Heal, eat,
and Move

Health Without Barriers

Our approach to health begins by identifying and removing the physical blockages that lead to discomfort and disease. With specialized vibration therapy, we target and dissolve pressurized fluid pockets that are the root causes of pain, mobility restrictions, and chronic conditions, restoring your body's natural state of balance.

Nutritious Living

Guided by our Naturopathic Counselor, we empower you with knowledge and plans that transform your eating habits. Discover the power of elimination diets, nutrient-rich meal planning, and anti-inflammatory foods that minimize histamine reactions, reinforcing your body’s defenses and prevent further damage from food related ailments.

Move with Purpose

Movement is essential not just for fitness, but for systemic health. Our tailored stretch and move regimens are designed to optimize your body's lymphatic flow, ensuring the removal of waste and prevent repetitive stress conditions. Embrace movement that heals, protects, and prevents injury, integrating into a lifestyle that maintains your healthful rhythm.

Discover Healing at New Earth Healing Center

Experience effective relief and restored mobility with our unique tuning fork therapy. Tailored to your individual needs, our treatments offer a practical approach to health, addressing pain and immobility directly. Join us in a calm setting where healing begins with tradition and innovation, side by side.

Our Vision

New Earth Healing Center aims to transform healthcare by offering natural, non-invasive vibration therapy that targets and alleviates physical barriers to health, combined with education on preventive measures for long-term recovery and optimal living. We're committed to fostering full-spectrum health by addressing the root causes of pain and immobility, enhancing life quality without invasive interventions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to heal the planet through awareness and compassion, enhancing quality of life with non-invasive, natural therapies that harness the body's healing potential. In the heart of Amish Country, we're dedicated to empowering every age with innovative yet traditional techniques for a path to improved health and community sustainability.

Our Process

Each session at our center is customized, ensuring that every client's individual health needs are addressed. The therapy sessions are conducted in a peaceful setting, allowing clients to relax while we work on enhancing their health through the transformative power of vibration therapy.

Our Approach

Our specialized tuning fork therapy employs meticulous placement on targeted areas, identified by palpation, to effectively treat conditions from chronic pain and inflammation to mobility and musculoskeletal disorders. By releasing fluid pressure, we address a spectrum of ailments, including sinus issues, migraines, and more complex conditions like infertility and respiratory restrictions.

Work with knowledgeable experts


Bobbi Jo Weaver

Owner and Lead Vibration Therapist

Andrew Weaver

Vibration Therapist and Naturopathic Counselor



Pain Relief Treatments: $70 for adults: $30 for under 16 yrs old

We schedule for up to 45 minutes. However, a treatment lasts as long as it takes to address the problem you came in with (up to 45 minutes).

There is no way to determine how long a treatment will last. Generally, a treatment should fix the problem unless the cause is still there. We’ve got to turn off the water before we can stop the flooding.

This is another question we cannot answer. We do not run tests or diagnose in our Healing Center, and we certainly cannot determine a specific number of treatments. We hope it’s only one treatment, but you should be able to determine if your first treatment was success and effective. We do not charge for treatment packages because most problems are fixed rather quickly.