Why We Are Here

The New Earth is a planet-wide state of being, a new phase in Earth’s evolution, in which our ways of living reflect the reality of spirit as well as matter. Spirit (God/Source/life energy), “in whom we live and move and have our being,” connects every living being, and manifests in each of us as our individual spirits. We are in essence one with God, with the Earth, with each other, and with all life on Earth. This understanding calls for a radical shift in how we treat ourselves, other beings, and the Earth.

Healing describes the process of coming into the truth of who we are, bringing ourselves into alignment with reality, which has been drastically obscured on Earth. We can never hope to heal our bodies, minds, spirits, or psyches until we root that healing in our spirits, and in the Greater Oneness of Spirit.

The way we create the New Earth is to begin living it in our individual lives. Neither our governments nor non-profits nor any external force can create the New Earth. Change starts inside us: we are creating reality, beginning with the lives we create for ourselves. There is an awakening of consciousness across the planet, that the Earth and all her life forms are living beings that deserve respect, and that our energies are all interconnected.

Center is the most important word of all in this process. When we come to inhabit our own center—to live from our center rather than whatever place external forces have pushed us to—we have also arrived at the very center of the universe. At that place, our desires for ourselves come into complete alignment with the basic will of the universe for all creation to thrive. And then we are in sync with all life, and with the very dance of evolving creation itself.

How We Can Help You

You are the only one who can heal yourself, but the staff at the center knows the way, because we have walked it, and are still walking it. The center offers you a map and support for this new way of living that must infuse every choice you make, if you wish to heal. Stepping into this way of living requires courage, tenacity, and an all-out commitment to self-awareness. The rewards are tremendous: you will set yourself free, you will feel again the simple joy of being, and you will reverse the aging process in your body.

The starting point of this process is to take control of your own energy system: stop all energy leakage from it, and make sure you are regularly “refueling.” Once you are able to hold your energy, then you will begin to have enough energy available for your system to heal itself. The fog will lift, and it will get easier to take good care of yourself at all levels. Then, at last, you can begin to consciously create the content and quality of your life. It really is that simple.

You are welcome to come talk to us, and spend time at the center. Depending on which staff members are present, we can help you with understanding, as well as energy and body healing work. Before you come, consider these questions:

  1. Can you accept the truth that you are unique, precious, and constantly held in unconditional love by Spirit? Are you willing to receive this kind of love from others? Do you know that you have a unique role and purpose in Creation?
  2. Do you believe that you deserve to be happy and regularly dwell in the emotional state of joy? Are you willing to stand up for yourself so this may happen?
  3. Are you willing to give up behaviors and decision-making that are motivated by fear?
  4. Are there people in your life you are trying to control? Or that you allow to control you? Are you prepared to stop doing this?
  5. Would you be willing to let go of every promised system of future security to heal, if your Inner Healer requires it?
  6. Are you willing to stop doing things you know to be wrong? To stop actively or passively engaging in systems that do harm?
  7. Are you ready to start living and making life choices from your center—your Inner Guide, which is the voice of Spirit within—rather than dodging responsibility and blindly following the direction of external forces? Who will create your life: yourself with the direction of Spirit? or those who wish to control you for their own agendas?