Rapid Pain Relief and Joint Mobility Restrictions

Headaches & Migraines

Cuts & Burns

Allergies & Sinus Pressure

Back Pain & Sciatica

Impaired Tear Ducts

Cold & Flu Symptoms

Tooth and Gum Pain

High Blood Pressure

Food Allergies

Pain Management

Broken Bone Recovery

Injury Recovery

Cataracts, Floaters, Glaucoma

Brain Fluid Pressure and Neurological Conditions

Dementia & Alzheimers

Autism & Aspergers

Cranial Fluid Pressure

Spinal Column Health and Cerebral Spinal Fluid Pressure

Vertebrae & Spinal Conditions

Spine Alignment

Spinal Fluid Pressure

Severe Tisssue Edema and Lymphedema Decompression Therapy

Venous Insufficiency

Vericose & Spider Veins

Full-Body Pain

Edema & Neuropathy

Abdomen Organs, Digestion, and Endocrine System

Urinary Ailments

Liver Conditions

Kidney Infections

Heartburn & Reflux

Organ Inflammation

Digestion Conditions

Thyroid Conditions

Diabetes Care

Musculo-Skeletal System (muscles, Joints, & Bones)

Joint Pain

Chronic Lower Back Pain


Paralysis Rehabilitation


Vibrational Chrono-Therapy (Timing Systems)

Mobility Conditions

Speech Impairment

Auditory Conditions

Gait Rehabilitation

Health and Beauty

Wrinkles, Bags, Scars

Fat Reduction


Reproductive Health


Uterus Care

Pre-natal Care

Pregnancy (Obstetrics)

Post-natal Care

Newborn Care

Respiratory Health

Sleep Apnea

Respiratory Conditions

Chronic Sinus Pressure

Bronchial Conditions