What is it.

What is Vibrational Therapy

We primarily use weighted tuning forks to vibrate the soft tissue where fluid pockets have pressurized, fascia collagen fibers have tightened, and bones have impinged upon nerves to cause pain.

Vibrational Therapy is a full-service method of healing where the tuning fork takes center stage for most of our therapeutic responses. We study and research the biology of fluid dynamics and fascia throughout the body. 

We use unweighted tuning forks within a few inches off the body in our Vibrational Chrono-Therapy (VCT) to help reset the body’s timing systems.

Technically, tuning forks produce mechanical vibration which is the basis of “sound” therapy. However, we focus on the biological functions of vibration introduces directly into the tissue for a very specific outcome of releasing fluid pressure, loosening tight fascia collagen fibers, and clearing calcification of ligaments, tendons, bones, and other musculo-skeletal conditions.

Tuning forks produce mechanical vibration which transfers directly into the tissue of the body. Although this same tissue also communicates through electro-magnetic energy, this is not the main focus of our work. We do not work in the energy field or on chakras, meridians, and the body’s energy systems. 

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