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What is Sound Healing?

We primarily use sound-based tools to work with the body’s energy system. A Tibetan-style singing bowls (left) is a typical sound healing tool where sound vibration is emitted into the room by striking a mallet against the side of the bowl or rubbing a wooden mallet along the rim. 

Other sound healing tools are unweighted and weighted tuning forks used originally design to tune instruments by striking the tines to produce a specific tone for which to adjust the scale of the instrument. 

Sound healing is used in many ways to bring about different types of physical and emotional responses as the sound vibration interacts with the sensory systems of the body. 

What are Unweighted Tuning Forks?

As mentioned above, unweighted tuning forks are normally used for tuning musical instruments with each fork manufactured and tuned to a specific frequency. There are hundreds of different frequencies of unweighted tuning forks ranging from tens of hertz (Hz) up to thousands of hertz. 

In a healing session, the vibration from an unweighted tuning fork interacts with the sensory system of the body. Some forms of healing focuses on incoming sound signals being processed by the auditory system while other forms focus interacting with the nervous system and the energy meridian system. An unweighted tuning fork is generally struck against a rubber activator or the practitioner will strike the fork with a rubber mallet (left).

What are Weighted Tuning Forks?

Weighted tuning forks are similar to unweighted forks with the addition of weights located at the end of each tine. This configuration forces most of the vibration down to the base of the tuning fork. We see these types of forks used in diagnostics for neuropathy, hearing loss, and broken bones. However, the sound healing community uses these forks for interacting with the body’s sensory and energy systems. 

Weighted tuning forks can be placed on energy meridians and selected points along those meridians to restore proper energy flow. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing using the practitioner’s own energy to bring about a change in the client’s energy system. In a typical Reiki session, the client will lay on a bed while the practitioner positions both hands near specific locations on the body. Through selected focus, the energy from the practitioner can to increased and routed through the hands to restore energy flow in the client’s chakras and meridians. 

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