Introduction to New Earth Meditation

What is New Earth Meditation?

Healers at New Earth Healing Center LLC show clients how to meditate in a simple way designed around selective focus and visualization techniques. We hope you can let go of the complexity of meditation required in some techniques and concentrate on the things that really matter. Focus, expectation, and patience.

Body Position:

A typical New Earth Meditation allows for any comfortable position that you can maintain for an extended period of time. However, we would not recommend laying down for meditation since we have trained our bodies over the years to reach a sleep-state condition while in this position. We have enough challenges, so why add to the complications by putting yourself in a situation where your snoring (or divine purring) takes center stage instead of meditation.

Hand Position:

Some meditation postures focus on hand positions called “mudras” where the palms and fingers are arranged specifically to bring about certain results. In our effort to reduce complexity while maintaining a higher degree of focus, place your hands in a comfortable position where they will not sweat or cramp up. The key is to make your body invisible by not feeling anything, and that also includes your hands. Comfort is key.


Here is another area where breathing techniques have led to complexity and reduced the effectiveness of meditation. We believe the more you focus on breathing and hand positions, the less likely you will reach a more focused state of mind.

Some techniques are helpful especially when the diaphragm is relaxed enough to keep the entire body in a calm state. Belly breathing allows your air to move with less resistance since the chest does not have to rise and fall as much. Breathing with the belly means to let the abdomen move in and out as if the belly was filling up with air in addition to the lungs.

Here are the steps to belly breathing:

  1. Take two regular breaths without concern with how you are breathing. Feel your shoulders relax further on each exhale.
  2. Breathe in while concentrating on your belly inflating during the deep inhale. Your belly will fill up like a balloon. Keep breathing in as much air as you can inhale into your lungs and belly. Try not to let your rib cage move upwards (normal chest breathing).
  3. Hold for a count of 3.
  4. Exhale slowly while allowing the air to move out of your belly. Lower your shoulders and relax them completely prior to the end of the breath.
  5. Hold for a count of 3.

These steps are the basics of effective belly breathing. Try not to get caught up in the details and complexity of the process. We are only giving you these steps to understand the process of belly breathing. At some point you should be “zoning out” and ignoring the steps to make way for better things to come.

Focus on one thing:

True meditation is about focusing on one thing long enough to reduce excessive thoughts and calm the brain into a lower brainwave state. In other words, stop thinking about things and focus on only one thing at a time. Pick that one thing and stick with it for a while. You will end up training your brain to recognize the focus point, and it will get easier over time to reach your meditative state of mind.

If you prefer to focus on a point in the room with your eyes open, then make sure there are no visual distractions in your range of view. If you meditate with your eyes closed, make sure there are no audio distractions. When distractions come into your focus, recognize the distraction and quickly return to your designated focus point.

Let’s say you chose the tip of your nose as a focus point and you chose to have your eyes closed during meditation. It might help to put your finger on the tip of your nose and notice how it feels on the skin. Memorize that feeling, remove your finger from the tip of your nose, and try to “think” about your finger touching your nose (without actually touching it).

Keep in mind that you do not have to look at the tip of your nose in order to focus on it. You might hurt or strain your eyes in attempt to focus them on the tip of your nose. Your eyes should be looking straight ahead even if they are closed.

Putting the pieces into action:

Alright! Let’s meditate New Earth style. Sit comfortably, breathe comfortably, focus on one spot, and wait. Keep waiting without expecting anything to happen or your consciousness to “shift”. This is the biggest mistake made by most people attempting to meditate. They wait for this big shift to occur and become distracted when it doesn’t happen as expected.

If there is a feeling of consciousness shift, it is usually experienced as you are coming back into a waking brain wave state. Some people experience a sudden jerking motion as they are falling asleep or “nodding off”. This is the same thing as shifting consciousness. Your central nervous system is turning back on and causing your entire nervous system to tense up all at once. Guess what. You were in a meditative state and probably did not realize it.

Setting an expectation and getting results:

Another misconception about meditation is the expectation of the outcome and whether the meditation was a success. A New Earth Meditation has no expectation other than relaxing your body and mind. This is a minimum expectation and a mark of success even if the brain waves do not slow down enough to reach a slower state. If you manage to relax the body and disengage from your stressed “fight or flight” state, congratulations. You have succeeded.

One expectation we recommend is to have a question in mind that you would like answered during your meditation. Some people believe meditation is opening a channel where your angels and guides can communicate with you, so give them something to say in response to your answer. Then wait…and wait. Patience is the key.

What ever answer you “think” you receive becomes your answer. Try not to question whether it was your own thoughts or a guide giving you an answer. You get to choose your reality, so give yourself a little credit when it comes to receiving answers or information during a meditation.

Ask a question. Wait for an answer, then get out of your own way and just listen. When you receive something or a thought that might be an answer, resist the urge to analyze the answer right at that moment. Believe someone just gave you an answer and respond accordingly. Ask another question and allow the conversation to continue until you are satisfied. Then end the conversation just as you would in real life.

This is true New Earth Meditation. Simple, focused, and expectation-free.

Now go try it out and report back to us with a comment to let us know about your experiences.